Please complete these questions if you are interested in having a website created, updated, or maintained. I will then be able to provide you with a free estimate within 24 hours.

Quick Quote Questionnaire
  1. Which service would you need?
  2. Create a new website

    Update my old website

    Maintain my website

  3. What is your main reason for having a website?
  4. To create an online presence

    To make your business information available online

    To increase revenue by selling / promoting online

    To create a 24 hour service

    Low cost market research

    Promote ahead of businesses NOT online

    To reduce support, customer service, printing and mailing costs

    To reach a large audience

    To build a community or network

    To offer a fast and easily accessed source of information

  5. What is your target audience?
  6. How many pages do you think your website will need?
  7. Which of the following is most important for your website?
  8. Looking good

    Working in a wide range of browsers

    Google ranking

    Accurate content / frequent updates

    Improving your company's status /credibility

    Getting new customers

    Keeping old customers

  9. What features do you want on your website? You can select several options from this list.
  10. Contact form

    Private login area


    Custom images / logo

    A shopping cart

    A blog

    Photograph / image display

    Music / document / video clip integration

    A Forum

  11. Please use this section to mention anything else you want on your website or explain your website needs in more detail.

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